Ted Anderson

President and CEO of Realty Technologies

Ted Anderson graduated with high distinction from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1976. Concurrent with study toward an M.S. of Finance and Real Estate at the University of Arizona, he acquired his Arizona Real Estate Broker's License in 1978. From 1970-1978 Mr. Anderson worked in all phases of surveying and civil engineering.
Ted Anderson
He held the position of General Manager of Anderson Engineering Corporation from 1976 to 1979, specializing in property planning and development. Concurrent with his engineering career, Mr. Anderson began his real estate sales and development endeavors by starting Realty Ideas Corporation in 1979 and Realty Technologies in 1991. The complimentary disciplines lead to a broad career in the area of real estate. Since 1978 he has been involved in acquisition, rezoning, planning, construction supervision, financing, partnerships, joint ventures, real estate management, and sales in a multitude of project types, including apartments,office buildings, single family and town home subdivisions, condominium conversions, mobile home parks, commercial complexes, municipal improvements, and large scale master planned communities.

During his brokerage career, Mr. Anderson has been involved with sales of apartments, commercial complexes, office buildings and land totaling over $100,000,000. He has acted as an Owner and General Partner on a variety of investments including land parcels and office buildings. As an Owner/developer, he has successfully planned or developed over 1000 acres.

Mr. Anderson has acted in the capacity of Broker /Consultant and sometimes profit participant involving master planned communities ranging in size from 120 acres to 7500 acres. These unique experiences have provided a background in discrete acquisitions, demographic analysis, market mix and absorption analysis, annexations, infrastructure planning, negotiation with municipalities, and large-scale marketing.

Mr. Anderson has purchased distressed land, subdivisions, and office buildings and has successfully repositioned, developed or managed them, and liquidated them for substantial profit.

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Realty Ideas Corporation: CEO

* Architecture
* Engineering
* Planning
* Construction Management

Has been involved with sales of apartments, commercial and office buildings and land totaling over $100,000,000.

Broker /Consultant 

    Master planned communitiesfrom 800-7500 acres.
    Discrete acquisitions
    Demographic analysis
    Market mix
    Absorption analysis
    Annexation planning
    Infrastructure planning,
    Negotiation with municipalities
    Public Relations for end product.

    Office Buildings


General Partner and Owner in real estate ventures totaling over $100,000,000 in value:

    Civil engineering
    Property planning
    Construction Management

Expertise in the following areas:
    Single Family Subdivisions
    Mobile Home Parks
    Commercial Complexes
    Municipal Improvement

    Subdivisions of different sizes and types
    Commercial office buildings.


Hunter Anderson

Vice President and IT Manager of Realty Technologies

Realty Technologies Corporation: Information Technology, Marketing and Asset Management

Hunter Anderson graduated from the University of Arizona's Eller School of Management in 2010 with a degree in Management Information Systems, the top ranked MIS program in the country. Hunter added his real estate license in 2010.

His proficiency in several computer programs, technical related issues, and marketing, combined with his passion for all sports and the "great outdoors", provides a unique combination of talents that fit well in the mountain and beach real estate environments.

He has assisted in selecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining the recent upgrades for all of Realty Technologies Mac and PC systems, and is proficient in Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, Project Manager, Quicken, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, as well as several others.

Hunter combines this background with real estate investment, bringing in depth organization of Realty Technologies' databases, contacts, web page design, market due diligence, and end product market targeting and packaging. Hunter also provides support for new company formations, regulatory coordination, branding, logo and graphic creations, and web domain acquisition.

Hunter's hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fishing, diving, and dirt bike riding, which fit well with his travels in Colorado, Mexico, Costa Rica, Southern California and Arizona.

Visit Hunter's personal website and online resume at www.HWAnderson.com or click the logo below.


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Other Business and Domain names in Progress



Other Obtained Skills:

• Obtained Arizona State Real Estate License: Spring '11
• University of Arizona Eller College of Management Case Competition: 1st Place
• Currently in the process of developing skills in SQL, JAVA, PHP, CSS and HTML
• Very developed and professional presentation skills
• Skilled in Windows and Mac operating systems
• Certified by Microsoft for my proficiencies with Microsoft office 2010 earlier
• Practiced using video editing software for real estate commercials and videos
• Used Quicken and QuickBooks accounting software